List Of Eight: Magic Johnson Properties


Getty Images

Does Magic Johnson own all these shoes? Quite possibly.

Magic Johnson has been in the news all week for something of a personal fire sale. He recently sold his small ownership stake in the Lakers (to Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong) and he also sold his Starbucks stores back to the company. So, for this week's List of Eight, we ask: Which of these properties does Magic Johnson still own?

1. A T.G.I. Friday's restaurant

2. A 24 Hour Fitness gym

3. A Smoothie King franchise

4. A food and facilities management services company

5. The NBA assists record

6. A late night TV hosting gig

7. A suit made out of gold

8. A NASCAR team

Answers below the jump.


1. Yes

2. Yes

3. No

4. Yes

5. No (not anymore)

6. No (not anymore)

7. Yes (well, it looks like he does anyway)

8. No (that was Troy Aikman)