When Athletes Are Awesome, Starring Adam Burish


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Adam Burish has been known to break up plays in real life, too, ya know.

This one goes out too anyone who has ever played a sports video game and wished they could have a little "chat" with the athletes they're controlling. That basically covers everyone who has ever played a sports video game, because everyone, at some point, ends up yelling at the screen.

Be it a heartbreaking, game-breaking moment when your efforts are thwarted, or that last-second, buzzer-beating play that warrants as much celebration and adrenaline as a real-life Super Bowl MVP performance, there's always some sort of trash talking and computer coaching. If nothing else, it's those moments that make it so much more than just a simulation, even though you know that the digital players can't hear you.

Or can they ... ?

A gamer named "Alex" recently took issue with a certain player on the Dallas Stars and, well, Alex decided to file his complaint with the player himself. Here's what he wrote:

"I was recently playing a game of EA Sports NHL 11. I was down by one goal against my friend, I was on a 2 on 0 and was impeded by #16 Adam Burish, and was unable to acheive (sic) a scoring opportunity, I ask that Adam Burish publicly apologizes to me for he had cost me that game of NHL 11. Thank you for you cooperation during this crisis."

It would be less than a week before Alex would get a video reply from the real Adam Burish in regards to the performance of the digital Adam Burish. Here's a transcript of what the real Burish said:

"Sorry I ruined your game. You know what, though, when your guys are that slow, they get in my way. So, whoever's controlling them -- I don't know if it's you or the computer -- maybe you should have a talk with them because they're just in my way ... passes are in my skates -- it was a mess out there. Get your guys going; get your guys skating a little bit so they get out of my way, alright? Sorry I ruined the game, but talk to your guys next time."

How awesome is THAT? Not only did Burish address the human/computer control issues, but he did it in a manner that brought the game to life. This might just be the coolest thing next to playing a video game against the athlete himself. But, even then, would the athlete apologize and give you coaching tips? Doubtful! Way to be awesome, Adam.