The NBA Preview: Where 30 Amazing Questions Happen


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Is that the largest warm-up suit ever worn by a Celtics player?

The 2010-11 NBA season tips off tonight at 7:30 (ET) on TNT when the Heat visit the Celtics, and apparently the defending Eastern Conference champs still believe age is but a number. This offseason, Boston added the NBA's oldest player in Shaquille O'Neal (38) to join a couple other 30-somethings as the Celts take aim at championship banner No. 18. Their biggest competition? Tonight's opponent. Seventeen of ESPN's twenty-five experts selected the Heat to reach the NBA finals. Of course, we won't find out who's right and who's wrong until June. In the meantime, we came up with 30 questions (one for each team) to keep your eye on as the season progresses.

Atlanta Hawks - Will the Hawks bring back their "All You Can Eat Seats" this season?

Boston Celtics - Will Shaq pose as a TA at Harvard University at some point this year?

Charlotte Bobcats - Kwame and Jordan back together again ... reality show?

Chicago Bulls - Could we be in store for a second installment of Chicago Bulls Totally 80s?

Cleveland Cavaliers - Is it too early for a giant Anderson Varejao billboard outside Quicken Loans Arena?

Dallas Mavericks - Can any of DeShawn Stevenson's teammates top his Abe Lincoln throat tattoo?

Denver Nuggets - If Melo gets traded, does Birdman become the No. 1 option for the Nuggets in the new NBA Jam?

Detroit Pistons - Will we see three masked men (Villanueva & Hamilton) from UConn this season in Detroit? Are you reading Ben Gordon?

Golden State Warriors - Should Stephen Curry be No. 1 or No. 2 in the preseason ranking of best NBA jerseys to own this season?

Houston Rockets - This photo of Yao Ming and Jackie Chan ... greatest pic ever?

Indiana Pacers - Can you name a player on this team?

L.A. Clippers - Could second-year Clipper Blake Griffin win the NBA Rookie of the Year award?

L.A. Lakers - Where will Phil Jackson wear his 11th NBA championship ring? If this happened a decade ago, belly button would have been a huge favorite.

Memphis Grizzlies - Too early for a "Big Country" Bryant Reeves day?

Miami Heat - How will Zydrunas Ilgauskas handle his emotional return to Cleveland?

Milwaukee Bucks - Brandon Jennings: flat-top, gumby, or mini-dreads?

Minnesota Timberwolves - Is Darko Milicic really worth $20 million over four years? To bloggers like us, yes.

New Jersey Nets - Could borscht become a concession stand staple at Nets games under Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov?

New Orleans Hornets - Will we see a new and improved version of the Hornets' mardi gras jersey from last year?

New York Knicks - Are we staring straight at "He Got Game 2" and we don't even realize it?

Oklahoma City Thunder - Will the pressure of having his own headphones derail Kevin Durant from his second consecutive NBA scoring title?

Orlando Magic - If the NBA forced Stan Van Gundy to abandon his mock turtlenecks for a collard shirt, would he retire from coaching?

Philadelphia 76ers - Will Evan Turner purchase a dog and name it Hooch at any point this season?

Phoenix Suns - By year's end, what will the Steve Nash Injury Index look like?

Portland Trailblazers - Will Greg Oden (82 games lifetime) play in his 100th game this season?

Sacramento Kings - Can you name all members of the Maloof family?

San Antonio Spurs - How many rabies shots will Manu Ginobili receive this season?

Toronto Raptors - How many cheerleaders will the Raptors mascot eat this season?

Utah Jazz - Jerry Sloan technical fouls for the year: over/under 16.5?

Washington Wizards - John Wall's dance was a hit at the college level, but can it survive in the pros?