LeBron's New Nike Commercial: Rise

by Kevin Butler, SportsCenter.com

The preseason is finally over. The regular season tips off tonight in Boston, and the Celtics have the honor of facing the most hyped team in NBA history - the Miami Heat (starring Flash Dwayne Wade (team captain), Chris Bosh and LeBron James). A lot of the hype was created by the controversial "decision" LeBron made choosing the Miami Heat over the Cleveland Cavaliers - which was on the cover of every major magazine, newscast and social media network in the world. In steps Nike, just like they did for Tiger Woods (see Nike's Tiger commercial here) to help LeBron fire back at all of his critics. While you can argue over James' image, CNBC's Darren Rovell notes that Nike shoes are "barely mentioned in the spot." Judge for yourself if the commercial is effective, or if it will resonate a loud enough BOOM to help Nike sell a ton of shoes...or change LeBron's image.

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