Dwyane Wade In Dominate Another Day

by Kevin Butler, SportsCenter.com

While the previous post focused on Nike's attempt to help change LeBron's image (or just sell some sneakers), the shoe giant created another amazing, stunning, hi-tech, dazzling...(insert your own adjective here)...commercial for D-Wade's Jumpman 23 shoe line that is completely opposite of LeBron's Rise commercial. The newsroom was buzzing with Wade's Dominate Another Day spot, where D-Wade takes you on an ultimate hoops adventure as Agent D3 begins his quest to return the Rings to Miami. When the commercial was over, you immediately want the next installment in the series to run...right now. The green (Celtic) van was a nice touch and the Black Mamba (Kobe) tanker truck, as well as the references to Kobe Bryant (Snake Charmer), Orlando Magic (Illusionist) and the Boston Celtics (Green Gang) references are money. Not only did Dwyane Wade bring the King to his court, his action sequences rival that of Iron Man's, and that my friends is a lot of fun.