The Granderson Trade Dominoes: How They Fall

Curtis Granderson

Photo: Dave Sandford/Getty Images

"I wonder if Staten Island is really an island."

There's a lot of moving parts to the Curtis Granderson 3-team deal. We thought we'd give you a snapshot of who's going where and what each player is bringing to the table.

Curtis Granderson (OF)

From Detroit to NY Yankees

411: Left-handed power hitter/media darling who hit .249 with 30 homers in an all-star season for the Tigers last year.

Unexpected Perk: He’s an author!

Question Mark: Will his NY nickname be “Grand Central Station” or C-Train?

Phil Coke (LHP)

From NY Yankees to Detroit

411: Made his Major League debut in 2008 and notched a 4.50 ERA over 60 innings pitched last season.

Unexpected Perk: He struck out Granderson in his Major League debut last year.

Question Mark: How will his chimney sweeping business fare in Motown?

Ian Kennedy (RHP)

From NY Yankees to Arizona

411: Made four starts in Triple-A (1.59 ERA with 25 Ks) before having surgery for an aneurysm in his armpit.

Unexpected Perk: He’s married to USC basketball player Allison Jaskowiak and walked down the aisle to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Question Mark: Will he take his Dorothy costume to Arizona?

Austin Jackson (OF)

From NY Yankees to Detroit

411: The Yanks’ top prospect — hit .300 at Class AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre last season.

Unexpected Perk: Mr. Jackson has been mentored by another Mr. Jackson (Reggie) since 2005.

Question Mark: How soon can we start calling him Action Jackson?

Edwin Jackson (RHP)

From Detroit to Arizona

411: A 2009 All-Star with a 3.62 ERA and 161 strikeouts on the season.

Unexpected Perk: If the Diamondbacks are ever challenged to a video game competition, Jackson’s their man. Question Mark: Does he golf? He should probably start.

Max Scherzer (RHP) From Arizona to Detroit

411: Drafted in 2006, MLB Debut in 2008, nine wins and 174 strikeouts in 2009.

Unexpected Perk: In his first Major League game, Scherzer set a record for number of consecutive batters retired (13) for a pitcher making his debut as a reliever.

Question: Do Detroit’s unis go better with his brown eye or his blue eye?

Daniel Schlereth (LHP)

From Arizona to Detroit

411: Drafted by the D-Backs in 2008, threw a perfect inning in his MLB debut in 2009.

Unexpected Perk: His dad’s Mark Schlereth. As in, former Bronco and Redskin and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth.

Question: Will dad’s job get him in a This is SportsCenter commercial?