It's The Baby Naming Game Starring Eli And Abby Manning


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"I'm just an offensive coordinator, but that looks like a foot to me."

Another week of the NFL season is in the books and another Super Bowl-winning quarterback is ready to give birth to a child (well, his wife is). Eli Manning, MVP of Super Bowl XLII, and his wife, Abby, whom he met at Ole Miss, are expecting their first child this spring. Unfortunately for Eli, Super Bowl XLVI will be played on Feb. 12, 2011. So the chance of one-upping Drew and Baylen will have to wait until the 2012 season.

If you recall, it was just three weeks ago that Brees polled the Twitterverse for baby name suggestions prior to this month's delivery. He and his wife eventually settled on Bowen Christopher Brees, but not before an onslaught of creative suggestions blew up Brees' Twitter account.

There's no word yet on whether Eli and Abby are expecting a boy or a girl, but that just means we'll have double the fun debating the best name for their future child. Here's what we're thinking:

If it's a boy ...

Manny Manningham Manning - If Eli and Abby are fans of alliteration.

Ile Noslen Manning - If Eli and Abby want to spell Eli's full name backwards.

Admiral Ackbar Manning - If Eli and Abby thought Ole Miss should have chosen the Return of the Jedi character as Ole Miss' new mascot.

If it's a girl ...

Meadow Lands Manning - If Eli and Abby want to commemorate the Giants brand new stadium.

Dakota Fanning Manning - If Eli and Abby are huge fans of "War of the Worlds." And/or rhymes.

Veronica Lodge Manning - If Eli and Abby want to complete the comic book duo.