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You might remember Shawn Bradley from his 12-year NBA career, playing for such teams as the Sixers, the Nets, and the Mavericks. And if (nay, when) you vote today in Utah, you might also remember that he's running for a seat in the House of Representatives out of the Beehive State. You might also remember that Bradley is 7'6" tall. That should be tall enough to make him the tallest member of Congress of all times. Taller than Tom McMillan (6'11'). Taller than Bill Bradley (6'5"). Way taller than Abe Lincoln (6'4").

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The Vikings DID NOT waive Randy Moss yesterday. This does NOT mean that he won't be waived, only that he was not on Monday's waiver wire. But that doesn't mean that Vikings coach Brad Childress didn't tell his players that Moss is no longer with the team. Because he did, and he isn't. Which isn't sitting too well with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf. According to Adam Schefter, Wilf is angry that his team doesn't want a player he wanted on his team. And since Wilf played a major role in the re-acquisition of Randy Moss, it should make for an interesting Tuesday in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

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Luol Deng scored a career-high 40 points for the Bulls in their win over the Blazers. And so he became just the fifth Duke player from the Coach Mike Krzyzewski era to get there in the NBA (in one game). Deng's current (future?) teammate, Carlos Boozer, did it. Grant Hill did it. Elton Brand did it. Gene Banks did it. Wait, Gene Banks?

Blazers-Bulls | Gene Banks | (Not to be confused with Carlton Banks)