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Derrick Rose of the Bulls used his freaky first step (freaky like my lady pyramid) to slip into to the lane and throw one down on Danilo Gallinari, and throw him into his place in history alongside Patrick Ewing (courtesy of Michael Jordan) and Patrick Ewing (courtesy of Scottie Pippen) and Horace Grant (and Michael Jordan, kind of, courtesy of John Starks) at the bottom of great posters of dunks in the Bulls-Knicks rivarly. But a dunk is only worth two points, which is 67% of what shots from distance are worth. And so Rose found himself on the bench in the fourth quarter as the Knicks held on for a 120-112 win in Chicago on the strength of 67% shooting from behind the arc (on 24 attempts). That's against a Bulls team that had allowed just 18% shooting from behind the arc to start the season. (That had been the best mark in the NBA.) Rose will get off the bench tonight to face Rajon Rondo and the Celtics, as his coach Tom Thibodeau returns to Boston.

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NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup is down to the final three races. And the top three drivers -- Jimmie Johnson, Denny Hamlin, and Kevin Harvick -- are separated by only 38 points. It's the closest three-way battle in Chase history. And to mark the occasion this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway, officials will employ two trained capuchin monkeys to sell race programs. You can call them Miki and Rocky, but don't call them Jocko Flocko. Jocko was the monkey who got loose inside the car of a race in 1953, and cost the driver second place and $600 extra dollars in his paycheck.

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"We can go nine in a row, if you ask me. People can call me stupid or whatever, but this football team has the core of players, it has the supporting cast of players to win nine in row. We just got to get it started."

- Roy Williams thinks the Cowboys can run the table. His Dallas Cowboys.

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