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Now that a 45-7 loss to the Packers is in the books, these 2010 Cowboys have given up a whopping 232 points through eight games so far this season. That's the most points any Cowboys have given up through eight games of any season since the 1989 Cowboys matched that 232 exactly. Those Cowboys started 0-8 under Jimmy Johnson (under Jerry Jones) and finished 1-15 under Jimmy Johnson (under Jerry Jones). These Cowboys started 1-7 under Wade Phillips, but will he be finished before they are finished? "There are a lot of people here who are certainly going to suffer and suffer consequences," said Jerry Jones. "I'm talking about within the team -- players, coaches who have got careers. This is certainly a setback...I can't put my finger on it because I don't have enough fingers... I think everybody in this country would agree that there's a lot wrong with this team that we've got to address, and I'm certainly the one to address it."


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The rivalry between the Steelers and Bengals renews tonight, because tonight is Monday night, and that means Monday Night Football (8:30 ET on ESPN). And because past is prologue:

- Remember the 2005 Wild Card playoff

On the second offensive play, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer had his knee shattered by Steelers defensive end Kim von Oelhoffen. The Steelers went on to win the game and went on to win the Super Bowl.

- Remember the Steelers victory parade after winning Super Bowl XL

Steelers coach Bill Cowher got the crowd going by chanting "Who dey, who dey, who dey think gonna beat the NFL? Pittsburgh Steelers, world champs!" (Now remember that for more than 30 years, Bengals crowds got going by chanting "Who dey! Who dey! Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals?" Also remember that they named their mascot Who Dey. Who Dey, the bengal tiger.)

- Remember Week 7 of the 2008 season

Hines Ward crushed Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers with a hit that broke his (Rivers') jaw and knocked him (Rivers) out for the season. (Now remember that the next year, the NFL adopted a rule that made that hit illegal.)

- Remember Week 3 of the 2009 Season

Ohio native Ben Roethlisberger had never lost on the road to an Ohio-based team until this game when the Bengals won 23-20. Then remember that in Week 10, the Bengals won again and swept the Steelers for the first time since 1998.

Dig it.

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"Who was that? Is that the blind girl? Helen Keller ... I don't know who the [expletive deleted] Anne Frank is. I'm mad right now. ... I'm not as swift as I usually am."

- Channing Crowder was not as swift as he usually his because he was mad that Le'Ron McClain (allegedly) spit in his face.

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