Get To Know Your Manager Of The Year Contenders: NL Edition


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"Vote for me, writers. It's your last chance!"

The MLB Manager of the Year awards will be announced today, and Bud Black of the San Diego Padres, Dusty Baker of the Cincinnati Reds and Bobby Cox of the Atlanta Braves are among the National League favorites.

Who will take the crown? We’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, let’s test your knowledge of the cream of the National League managerial crop. Can you tell us which NL Manager of the Year contender could make the following statements?

1. “If I win this year, I’ll tie Bobby Cox and Tony LaRussa for most Manager of the Year awards.”

2. “I was the starting pitcher for the Kansas City Royals during the George Brett pine tar incident.”

3. “My club won 15 more games this season than it did last season.”

4. “I’m the first (and only) person to be ejected from two World Series.”

5. “My son almost got run over at home plate once.”

6. “I’ve won 15 division titles and five pennants in my career.”

Answers below the jump!


1. Dusty Baker

2. Bud Black

3. Bud Black

4. Bobby Cox

5. Dusty Baker

6. Bobby Cox