Kevin Durant Can Now Shorten Links!


Getty Images

Kevin Durant has also shortened the height at which he'll give "high" fives.

As the Kevin Durant legend continues to grow from Washington, DC to Texas to Oklahoma City and beyond, we continually learn the new and interesting ways an NBA Superstar in today's environment can be, well, super. And leave it up to the Durantula to set the bar on internet ballin' with his very own link shortener.

Yesterday afternoon, on Twitter no less, Durant unveiled the link shortner durant.is. This being Durant, of course, he included a thankful shout out to his peeps at bit.ly for the hook up. And staying true to form of a social media guru, Durant's first social link directed his followers to his Facebook page.

We can only guess which of his tech-savvy compadres will soon follow in his footsteps but shaq.fu sure feels like a foregone conclusion at this point. If not, can someone please make that happen - we'll sign the petition.

As for Durant, he'll just have to be mindful of the links he shortens. Sure, durant.is/amazing makes total sense and is pretty straightforward. But on the other hand, durant.is/sadpanda is a little more confusing. And honestly, it's a bit of a downer too - so please Kevin, don't go that route. Any chance durant.is/listening?