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The Chicago Bulls have lost three straight and 21 of their last 24 games to the Dallas Mavericks. And the Bulls have lost five straight and 12 of their last 13 in Dallas. That dates all the way back to 1997. (Things that also date all the way back to 1997: Austin Powers, Coldplay, and Harry Potter.) And the only Bulls win in that span was on February 8, 2005. And the only Bulls player who was on the court for that game who will be on the court for this game tonight (9:30 ET on ESPN) is Luol Deng. But the key for the Bulls this time might be who is on the court for the Mavs. Or not. Because when Dirk Nowitzki's on the court, the Mavs outscore their opponents by 13.8 points per 48 minutes. And when he's not, their opponents outscore the Mavs by 23.1 points per 48 minutes.


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The Lightning and the Flyers combined for nine goals through the first period. (That's one shy of the NHL record.) Through the second period, the game was tied 7-7. It was the second game in NHL history that saw two teams score at least 7 goals each through the first two periods. And the previous instance was also a Flyers game, on February 27, 1982 at Calgary. (That game was tied 7-7, and Philadelphia won 9-8). Through three periods, the third career hat trick from Steven Stamkos sealed an 8-7 win for the Lightning. Stamkos a league-high 19 goals in 19 games this season.

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"The guy has been in some games."

- That's John Fox, the head coach of the 1-8 Carolina Panthers, talking about Brian St. Pierre, the new starter at quarterback for those Panthers on Sunday against the Ravens. The same Brian St. Pierre who has thrown five passes in eight NFL seasons, who wasn't in a training camp this summer, and who was a stay-at-home dad as recently as last week.

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