Tim Duncan Continues His Poker-Faced March On Spurs' Record Books

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

"On second thought, I really, really want to keep this record-breaking ball."

Tim Duncan is an assuming kind of guy. He's so low-key that when he broke David Robinson's franchise scoring record (good for the NBA's 31st of all-time) against the Jazz over the weekend, the last thing he did was pull the equivalent of a Rickey Henderson. In fact, after the stoic power forward to sink the the career go-ahead point at the line, he didn't so much as give a nod. "I wasn't thinking about it too much," Duncan said. "I think that was the best part about it — it kind of happened. George (Hill) said, 'Congratulations' after the free throws and it took me a second to catch on. I was like, 'Oh yeah.'" Clearly Tim needs a refresher course on self-promotion from some of his peers. Maybe if he hyped himself more, college nerds wouldn't miss him as a Jeopardy question.

While Duncan has locked down his place in Spurs history, there are still more franchise and NBA records for him to achieve. Here's where he stands (as of today) in other categories:


Tim's number: 11,454

Good enough for: Third in franchise (behind Moses Malone's 16,212 and Dennis Rodman's 11,954 and Kevin Willis' 11,901), 25th overall. Next on the all-time list: Elgin Baylor.


Tim's number: 2,261

Good enough for: Second in franchise to David Robinson's 2,954, 11th overall. Hey, at least he has more NBA playoff blocks than Dikembe Mutombo.

NBA Finals MVPs

Tim's number: 3

Good enough for: First in franchise, third in NBA (tied with Magic Johnson). That's halfway to Michael Jordan's six awards. No hard feelings if you can't catch up, Tim.

St. Croix Medals of Honor Won

Tim's number: 1

Good enough for: Number one in franchise AND NBA history. Finally Tim, something to smile about!

Times Anybody Mentioned His Blue Collar Work Ethic

Tim's number (estimated): 67,895

Good enough for: Tops in franchise history, somewhere between Larry Bird and Charles Oakley in the league. Case in point, Richard Jefferson on Friday: "Just to see his work ethic day-in and day-out, even basically on one leg out there. His work ethic is something that's tremendous." Expect to see this number doubled by the time he reaches his Hall of Fame induction.

Hit Points of Damage Inflicted While Playing Dungeons & Dragons

Seriously, Tim rolls deep with the magic powers. Assuming The Big Fundamental is using the right staffs and artifacts to boost his ... okay, who are we kidding. Let's just give him a crown for even admitting he's a roleplaying gamer.