From "The Rundown" : Brown Out

The 'B' in 'B. TAYLOR' must stand for 'bag'.

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Brady Quinn starts under center exactly where he left off, leading your Browns to exactly zero points. And he picks up exactly where Derek Anderson left off, too, considering your offensive offense has racked up a grand total of five touchdowns in a span of 15 regular-season games. The last NFL team to do that was something called the Cincinnati Reds between October of 1933 and November of 1934. Learn what happened to them after the jump.

Those Cincinnati Reds were suspended by the NFL for defaulting on payments. The league then brought in some kind of an independent team called the St. Louis Gunners to play the three remaining games on the Reds’ schedule. And those Reds never played another NFL game. So maybe it's just a bad idea to name a team after a color.

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Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs is carried on a backboard after suffering an injury late last night.

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

And it's also a bad idea to lose track of your timeouts. Because on the final play of the clean-sheet in Cleveland, Joshua Cribbs gets drilled and carted off the field. And sadly, it seems that play shouldn't have happened. According to ProFootballTalk.com, your Browns took their first time out in the third quarter, then three more in the fourth, which is one too many. So instead of running out the clock, the Ravens turn the ball over on downs and give your Browns three free plays, including that desperate Stanford-band-is-on-the-field play that landed Cribbs in a hospital for further tests. Read

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