Courtside Chat: Drew Carey & Shaun Rogers


David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

"Drew, does this necklace make me look fat?"

All the Cleveland stars (stop laughing) came out to see LeBron’s return to Quicken Loans Arena Thursday night. And we just happened to catch a glimpse of Mr. Price is Right himself, Drew Carey, on the sidelines, chillin’ with Browns lineman Shaun Rogers (and former Browns QB Bernie Kosar).

Just what could Drew and Shaun have been talking about while they watched “The Return”? We know. At least, we think we do. Feast your eyes on another edition of Courtside Chat.

Shaun Rogers: Hey, look. We’re on the JumboTron!

Drew Carey: So we are. Man, I really wish I hadn’t worn this collared shirt under my Cavs jersey. Good thing your necklace takes some of the attention off me.

SR: I do what I can. (pause). Hey, what’s up with the scarf indoors?

DC: Says the dude wearing sunglasses.

Shaun glares at Drew

DC: Well, I’m a huge soccer fan. So, you know, I’m kind of used to wearing scarves when I attend sporting events.

SR: I see. I didn’t realize you were such a soccer nut.

DC: Oh yeah. I even own part of the Seattle Sounders

Shaun gives a blank stare

DC: They’re Seattle’s MLS team.

Shaun gives another blank stare

DC: Major League Soccer?

Still nothing from Shaun

DC: America’s pro soccer league?

SR: Oh. Cool. (pause) So today’s kind of a rough day for you, huh?

DC: How so?

SR: Well, the United States losing out on the World Cup.

DC: (a little dejected) Yeah…

SR: And now we’re here watching our former hero destroy us.

DC: (now a lot dejected) Yeah…

SR: (trying to cheer Drew up) You, um, want a hot dog or something?

DC: (Sighs) Yeah…