List Of Eight: A Bowl Or Not A Bowl?


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The Orange Bowl takes itself quite literally.

This weekend marks the start of bowl time in college football. And, while it might be a while before we get to the big dogs, your Oranges and Sugars and the like, there are plenty of other bowls to wet our college football postseason whistle. So which bowls are in our near future? Well, that's the question, isn't it. With so many quirky bowl names out there, it's tough to spot the real ones from ones someone might have say, made up. Can you spot the four real bowls below? That's the challenge in this week's List of Eight.

1. Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

2. Cheerios Cereal Bowl presented by General Mills

3. Tim Hortons Canada Bowl

4. Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl St. Petersburg Bowl

5. New Era Pinstripe Bowl

6. Petsmart Fish Bowl

7. Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl

8. KFC Famous Bowl

Answers after the jump!


1. Real

2. Fake

3. Fake

4. Real

5. Real

6. Fake

7. Real

8. Fake (but delicious!)