From The Rundown


The New York Football Giants are living in a John Hughes movie. First, they tried to get to Minnesota for their game against the Vikings, but their plane got diverted and delayed in Kansas City. (Thankfully, it wasn't Wichita, since the train don't run out of Wichita, lessun you're a hog or a cattle.) Then, they watched the roof of the Metrodome participate in the latest Vikings collapse. So they got back on the plane and flew to Detroit, where they'll play tonight (7:20 ET). And any ticket-holders who are lucky enough to find their cars and a clear path out of town will receive preferred seating for the impromptu Monday Nighter. And it's only a 12-hour, 689-mile drive from the Metrodome in Minneapolis to Ford Field in Detroit. Unless you're going the wrong way.

Giants-Vikings moved to Ford Field