SportsCenter Highlight of the Night


You know that 89 is more than just the number of Iron Mike Ditka. Because it's also the number of Alexander Mogilny. And it's also the 11th number of the Fibonacci sequence. And it's also the smallest Sophie Germain prime number to start a Cunningham chain of the first kind of six terms, {89, 179, 359, 719, 1439, 2879}. But because it's also one more than 88, you now know it as the new standard by which to measure a D-I college basketball winning streak, because the No. 1 UConn women took care of business against No. 20 Florida State last night (and because the No. 1 UCLA men couldn't take care of business against Notre Dame on a January afternoon back in 1974). These Huskies haven't lost since the 2008 National Semifinals (see: Stanford), which means that their junior class has never lost a game. But because Maya Moore is now a senior, she's only ever lost twice (see also: at Rutgers). And all she did in last night's 31-point dismantling of the Seminoles was post a career-high 41 points. Only Nykesha Sales (see: 46) ever scored more in a single game for Connecticut.

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