Courtside Chat: George Lopez & Larry David


Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Unlike Phil, George and Larry don't mind going to an NBA game on Christmas

Of all the celebs that were hanging out at the Staples Center on Christmas Day to take in a little Heat-Lakers, the duo of George Lopez and Larry David caught our attention the most (and that's saying a lot, with Sly Stalone in the house). What did the two comedy kings have to say to each other? We don't know. But, like always, that doesn't stop us from taking our best guess.

George: Hi Larry. Good game, huh?

Larry: Sure.

George: I really like those sneakers that they're wearing out there.

Larry: Do you now?

George: Yeah. Neon green and red. Really puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Larry: Ha. You're pretty funny. You should come on my show.

George: Are you kidding?

Larry: No. It would be great. Why not?

George: Larry, I HAVE been on your show.

Larry: Nooo.

George: Yup.

Larry: No way.

George: Yes. Five years ago.

Larry gives a bewildered look

George: In "The Ski Lift"?

Larry: Doesn't ring a bell.

George: You went skiing with the head of a kidney consortium.

Larry: I remember that. Don't remember you though.

George: Well, I was there.

Larry: So, this is pretty awkward, huh?

George: Yup.

Larry: So I shouldn't count you in to guest star for Season 11.

George: Nope.

Larry: Alrighty. Go Lakers.