Tim Tebow's Memoir Drops In April 2011


Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

"I'm looking forward to your book, rookie. Does it come with a box of crayons?"

Publishing giant HarperCollins announced Monday that it will publish "Through My Eyes," an inspirational memoir by the one and only Tim Tebow in April 2011. Tebow confirmed the news on his foundation's website, explaining that the memoir "will reveal how this remarkable young man constantly strives to be the best, has always overcome the odds and how he has managed to do so while remaining true to his faith and family values."

Of course, Tebow won't be going alone on this writing assignment. His memoir will be co-written with Nathan Whitaker, who "worked alongside former NFL player and coach Tony Dungy on his three New York Times bestsellers." Or as it Adam Schefter puts it, Whitaker was Dungy's "ghostwriter" - which means Tebow is probably in good (typing) hands.

As for Tebow himself, he is already building an audience with his personal writing - on Twitter that is. With 53,000+ followers and more sure to be on the way, Tebow has relied on the written word to thank his fans, support his teams in Florida and Denver, and promote his foundation. One can only guess that his memoir will do much of the same (and exceed 140 characters).

And, no doubt, booksellers can probably expect Tebow's "Through My Eyes" to fly off the shelves. What else would they expect from a rookie backup quarterback who already leads the entire NFL in jersey sales?