Morning Ram-blings: Value of youth?

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams have been the youngest team in the league for two seasons in a row. They very well could hold that title again this year.

And in each of those seasons, much of that young talent has had ample opportunity to gain experience through playing time. The team's hope is that having "experienced youth" will pay off in the form of consistent winning.

But earlier this week, the fine folks at sister site fivethirtyeight.com took a closer look at what youth can do for a football team exactly. While the sample size of the study which combined information from the aforementioned site as well as Football Outsiders isn't all that extensive, the conclusions drawn from it appear to put a limit on correlation between age and winning.

In other words, just because the Rams are young and appear to be teeming with potential doesn't mean that production is going to pan out. That's not groundbreaking information, as players in this league succeed or fail for many different reasons, but it's worth noting when evaluating where this franchise is headed.

Only the results on the field will tell us whether the youth movement in St. Louis will bear fruit.


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