Morning Ram-blings: Bad blood?

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- More often than not, any drama going into NFL preseason contests are the direct result of a desperate search to find something, anything that can make the exhibition season more interesting.

And usually, whatever build leads into those games falls flat when the games actually begin. But as the St. Louis Rams and New Orleans Saints prepare to open the preseason Friday at the Edward Jones Dome, there's one storyline that really is worth watching even if it doesn't manifest into anything during the game.

That storyline centers on Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams coaching his first game in St. Louis against his former team, the Saints. Coaches and players meet their former teams all the time, but few of those meetings come with the strange and awkward history of Williams and the Saints.

Williams, of course, was at the heart of the New Orleans bounty scandal that earned him a year-long suspension and a similar punishment for Saints coach Sean Payton. Thursday, ESPN Saints reporter Mike Triplett offered a look back at just how the Williams-Saints marriage ended and why there could be bad blood between the two sides heading into this game.

Contained in Triplett's piece is even further detail on the ending of Williams' tenure in New Orleans, courtesy of Nola.com.

Clearly, the two sides didn't end on good terms, and Williams does have a history of being more aggressive in the preseason than other coordinators. But Rams coach Jeff Fisher has made it clear he wants his team to keep it simple in the preseason, so it's entirely possible this will be much ado about nothing.

But if any preseason storyline is legitimately intriguing in this first week, it's this one.


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