Morning Ram-blings: Bradford going deep

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Over at Grantland.com, NFL writer Bill Barnwell completed his week looking at quarterbacks at a crossroads with a closer look at St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford.

Barnwell offered a deeper look at Bradford's passes thrown through his first four seasons and discussed his tendency to avoid throwing the ball down the field.

As with most things concerning the Rams' starting quarterback, different conclusions will be drawn from Barnwell's conclusions. But the piece is worth a read no matter where you land in the seemingly never-ending debate of Bradford's viability as a long-term answer at the position.


A roundup of Sunday's Rams stories appearing on ESPN.com. ... In the Ram-blings, we began the day with Grantland's preview of the NFC West division. ... Next, we took a look at veteran backup quarterback Shaun Hill and the steady presence he brings to the Rams. ... From there, we looked at the Rams' issues with penalties and tackling in the preseason opener. ... Finally, we covered some leftover thoughts after I re-watched Friday night's game.


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