Jeff Fisher emphasizes faith in Shaun Hill

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher is not a fan of quarterback controversies and wears it as a badge of honor that he's never had a situation where two players have really battled one-on-one for a starting job.

That's why Fisher, one day after confirming the season-ending knee injury for starter Sam Bradford, again emphasized that veteran Shaun Hill is his quarterback. Not just during Monday's practice or in this week's preseason game but for the season barring something happening to him.

"I think it's important once you make a change for whatever reason, you stick with it," Fisher said Monday. "And we're sticking with this. There's no doubt about that. That allows everybody to get comfortable and have confidence in who is under center as opposed to 'Well, what are we going to do this week?' There's no doubt that he's our guy and we're going to move forward."

The Rams moved forward with Hill as the starting quarterback for the first time in Monday's practice. Hill had some ups and downs, including throwing a few interceptions but Fisher was mostly pleased with his performance.

In fact, Fisher offered a little of his trademark dry humor when asked how Hill practiced Monday.

"He was fine," Fisher said, a smile creeping across his face. "He actually completed some passes today. He was fine. And he actually knows where to go with the football, believe it or not. He's a competitor and knows what he's doing."

For his part, Hill said he's only once been able to enter a season as a starting quarterback. That was in 2009 with San Francisco but he also made it clear that his mindset doesn't change regardless of circumstance. He does, however, acknowledge that having such a strong vote of confidence from Fisher is helpful.

"That feels good to have his confidence," Hill said. "And the team's confidence. They've all rallied around me. It's been good."

As for all the rumors of the Rams pursuing outside options at quarterback, Fisher again hit the familiar refrain of saying that Hill is the starter and they will be patient to evaluate possibilities for backups behind him.

"I don't really like to deal in hypotheticals but had Shaun not been here and we had an issue, we very well could have brought some guys in to see who has got a better feel for us and then go with them as the starter," Fisher said. "But we've already got a starter. He was clearly our two, he steps up and plays. We've really not done anything.