Fisher plans to meet with Sam

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams released 21 players in the past two days and coach Jeff Fisher met with every one of them except the most prominent: defensive end Michael Sam.

Through no fault of either party, Fisher and Sam could not meet Friday or Saturday. Sam spent Friday evening and Saturday in Columbia, Missouri, watching his alma mater Missouri open the season against South Dakota State. So Fisher had to relay the news of Sam's release to him via phone Saturday afternoon.

But Fisher has a longstanding tradition of meeting with each player to break the news of their release in person. That means he'll make it a point to meet with Sam on Sunday.

"Mike mentioned to you guys and to us that he wanted to go to Mizzou and we were fine with that," Fisher said. "I had a conversation with Mike about an hour ago and our intention is to get together tomorrow so I can tell him the same thing I told everybody else that got let go, the reasons for that and then what their worlds look like moving forward. Mike and I will get together tomorrow and talk about those things."

Among the topics for discussion will be Sam's future in St. Louis and in the league. Sam will be on the waiver wire until noon ET Sunday, leaving teams the chance to claim him before he'd be eligible to sign to a practice squad.

Fisher made no guarantees of Sam securing a spot on the 10-man practice squad because of the team's needs for more bodies at other positions.

"The practice squad is heavily dependent on what you do in other positions," Fisher said. "We've got, for example, it's well noted that [CB] Trumaine [Johnson] is going to be down for a few weeks, [C/G] Barrett [Jones] is going to be down for a few weeks. We may have to go heavy in the other positions. If you're familiar with our roster right now, we've got five linebackers, for example; we need linebackers on the practice squad. I'm not going to go into what his odds are or what those opportunities are until we sift through things tomorrow.”