Morning Ram-blings: Forgetting Fenton

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Until some sort of resolution between the St. Louis Rams and the city or state is reached, speculation will continue to run rampant on where the Rams might land after their lease at Edward Jones Dome expires following the 2014 season.

In the St. Louis area, there have been plenty of possible landing spots for a new stadium bandied about by fans and media alike. One of the most popular places was scratched off the list Wednesday afternoon when local developer KP Development, based in Clayton, announced it has an agreement to buy the site of the former Chrysler assembly complex in Fenton, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Terry Barnes, the president of KP Development, told the Post-Dispatch that the plans for the land include rebuilding office space and industry. Barnes also told the paper that a potential new stadium for the Rams is not in the plans.

“This recognizable site is a prime location for new industrial and office jobs, which will be our major focus,” Barnes told the Post-Dispatch. “KP Development will devote the time, energy and capital needed to breathe new life into the property, which at one time was home to almost 7,000 jobs.”

The Fenton site became a popular spot for discussion based on the size of the land with the assumption that the surrounding area could easily be developed to include restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping to make the area a destination for football fans and other major sporting events and concerts.

At this point, any movement on the Rams and stadium situation is still almost certainly a long ways off. Assuming the sale goes through and development begins in the near future, at least we know one possible spot appears to be off the table.


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