Morning Ram-blings: Revisiting Incognito

It's been nearly four years since Richie Incognito last appeared in a game in a St. Louis Rams uniform.

The Rams took a shot on the talented but notoriously hot-headed offensive lineman in the third round of the 2005 NFL draft. I remember coach Mike Martz commenting at the time that Incognito had the physical skills to be an All-Pro at any position on the offensive line. Talent was never the issue when it comes to Incognito.

Incognito's biggest enemy has long been the man facing him in the mirror, an insight that NFL.com's Jeff Darlington delved deeper into Friday afternoon. There are no shocking declarations in the piece, but Incognito bares his soul and comes clean on a number of issues that many suspected but were never confirmed.

For example, Incognito says he spent most of the 2007 season partying every night, drinking and taking drugs when he was supposed to be rehabilitating an ankle injury. He'd regularly argue with teammates and coaches.

"I mean, we'd have practice the next morning, and I'm out until all hours of the night, running the town," Incognito says in the piece. "Drinking. Doing drugs. I was doing everything that a professional athlete should not be doing."

In his time in St. Louis, Incognito was always good to the media, if not a bit immature. Next week, he'll enter his ninth season in the league and fourth with the Miami Dolphins, and he seems to have turned things for the better. It's too bad for the Rams that Incognito's awakening didn't come sooner.


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