Why the Rams want a Cardinals sweep

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- On the basis of pure and simple civic pride, the St. Louis Rams are rooting for baseball's St. Louis Cardinals to beat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, set to begin Wednesday evening.

For more selfish reasons, the Rams would greatly prefer it if the Cardinals would take care of business in the minimum number of games and send the Red Sox packing in four.

If the series lasts any longer than that, the Rams would face the unenviable position of playing Seattle on "Monday Night Football" with Game 5 of the World Series happening just down the street at Busch Stadium.

It's not hard to do the math here. St. Louis has long been known as a baseball town first. The Cardinals are competing for a 12th world championship. The Rams are hoping to even their record at .500 with their backup quarterback at the helm. The Edward Jones Dome hasn't exactly been packed to the gills all season.

Drawing a crowd beyond the football and Rams diehards would be an almost impossible task. Even Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff had a little fun with it, chiming in on Twitter to offer his best wishes to the Cardinals and politely request a series sweep.

There could be some other, more tangible benefits for the Rams should the Cardinals find a way to finish things off by Sunday evening.

For those who may recall, the Rams played against New Orleans the day after the Cardinals defeated the Texas Rangers to win the 2011 World Series. There was no conflict in terms of games and then-Cardinals manager Tony La Russa attended the game with a number of his players. The group even brought the Commissioner's Trophy (given to the winner of the World Series) along.

At the time, the Rams were 0-6 and starting backup quarterback A.J. Feeley against the 5-2 New Orleans Saints. On paper, it was a mismatch.

For whatever reason, an amped-up home crowd still riding the wave of baseball success and the presence of the Cardinals seemed to have some sort of positive effect on the Rams. Strange things started happening and when it was all said and done, the Rams had pulled off a 31-20 upset.

Rams defensive end Chris Long captured the day perfectly when he celebrated a sack by "hitting a home run" in honor of the Cardinals. Current Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar was with the Saints at the time and, to this day, can't quite figure out what happened that day.

Most baseball prognosticators believe the Cardinals and Red Sox are in for a long series, one that will go six or seven games. In fact, of the 28 experts making picks here on ESPN.com, only one (Michael Knisley) has the series ending earlier than six games and Knisley has the Cardinals winning in five.

So if the Rams spend a few moments stepping away from the game film this week and taking a peek at the baseball game, you'll have to forgive them. After a difficult weekend in Carolina, they can use anything positive that comes their way right now.