Wells family story worth watching

ST. LOUIS -- In the buildup to Monday night's game on ESPN, Rick Reilly offered a tale of the heart which simultaneously wrenches and warms and may have left the room a little bit dusty.

Reilly revisited the story of St. Louis Rams center Scott Wells, his wife Julie and their six kids, telling the story of how their unique family came to be and all they went through to make it happen. He walked us through the heartbreak of stillborn twins and provided an uplifting glance of the joyful craziness that Wells and his wife now enjoy on a day to day basis.

A little more than a year ago, Wells was kind enough to give me and another reporter some time to tell the story first. He sat down only a little more than week after his family of three expanded to six when Julie returned from Uganda with the three missing pieces of their family.

From there, an emotional Wells went through the details of everything that happened along the way. This is what I wrote in my previous job on the subject.

In seeing Reilly's piece, it's hard not to be amazed at how it's all come together. While waiting for Monday night's game to start, I glanced up at the television and saw a photo of the Wells family sitting together on their couch. There was no sound so I couldn't see or hear the full piece right then but just the sight of that photo was enough to put goosebumps all over my arms.

The above video piece runs just short of five minutes. Trust in the fact that it's well worth your time.