Morning Ram-blings: Munchak on Fisher

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Replacing Jeff Fisher as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans wasn't an easy task for Mike Munchak. But, as he prepares, to coach against his mentor on Sunday afternoon, he's thankful for the time spent working with Fisher.

“I would say I really enjoyed it," Munchak said. "Jeff gave me -- I was kind of like how he did it, I was transitioning from being a player to other opportunities. He got the job in Houston and gave me the opportunity to get involved coaching offensive line. And then we moved to Nashville and had a lot of success together, and we had a lot of great years. A lot of good things happened and we felt for a really long period of time we were as good as anyone in football for a lot of years. He was very helpful in that, helping me, kind of have the opportunity to get in this position.”

After a Hall of Fame career as a player, Munchak started with the Oilers/Titans as an assistant in 1994. From there, he moved up to offensive line coach in 1997, a position he held with Fisher as head coach until 2010.

When Fisher and the Titans parted ways, Munchak earned the opportunity to replace him, an opportunity Munchak said Wednesday he didn't take lightly.

“He was very successful, and like I said, he took the team to the Super Bowl, so he did a lot of great things," Munchak said. "So, yeah, I think being here and knowing how he did it was helpful for me and having a good feel of everything. So, that is difficult but I thought I transitioned fine, and I think it worked out well for me going forward in that I was here and people were familiar with me. That made it a little bit easier coming in and I learned from Jeff. I saw a lot of things he did as he learned his head coach. I watched him grow up as a head coach when he came into it and how good he got as the years went on.”

Munchak and Fisher remain in contact though it's harder for them to get in touch during the busy football season. Sunday will be the first chance for the pair to renew acquaintances. Fisher has downplayed his desire to win this game more than a game against other opponents. Munchak shares that sentiment. Still, one matchup worth watching Sunday will be the one between the student and the teacher.


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