Morning Ram-blings: Devaney on Incognito

ST. LOUIS -- Billy Devaney, the former St. Louis Rams general manager and current participant on ESPN's NFL Insiders show, joined Adam Schein on SiriusXM's "Mad Dog Sports Radio" show Tuesday afternoon and shed some light on how he viewed Richie Incognito during their time together in St. Louis.

Devaney was in charge of the roster when Incognito was in St. Louis and was also the one to release Incognito in December of 2009. At the time, the Rams and Incognito handled the release with as much class as possible given the circumstances with both sides publicly wishing the other well.

Of course, Incognito might never have been released were it not for many of the issues Devaney discussed on Tuesday. As we discussed in this space on Monday, Incognito's greatest battle was always with himself. He never was able to tame the anger issues he had inside and even in his peaceful moments, there always seemed to be something bubbling under the surface.

Devaney talked about those very issues with Schein on Tuesday.

"His issues were anger management," Devaney said. "He could not control himself. He always would let his anger get the better of him at the worst times…That's what we were dealing with there and that's enough. What I see now coming out of Miami, that's at a whole other level of disgust quite frankly.

"I can't even comprehend how Richie got to this point."

For Devaney, dealing with Incognito was difficult, especially given it was his first year as general manager. While Devaney was with the Rams in 2008, he wasn't officially calling the shots until the end of the 2008 season. So making a call on Incognito was one of his first tough decisions, especially given the fact that the Rams offensive line was awful. Though he was disruptive and struggled with anger issues, Incognito was still one of the team's better blockers.

That put Devaney in a tough spot because even though Incognito's penchant for penalties was hurting the team, there really weren't many alternatives. In the end, it was clearly the right move and the recent Incognito saga only serves to reinforce that.


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