Power Rankings: No. 20 St. Louis Rams

A weekly examination of the Rams' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 15 | Last Week: 25 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

The Rams made a big jump this week, leaping five spots to No. 20 after a convincing (and surprising) 38-8 win on the road Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. Sitting at No. 20, five spots behind their preseason projection, the Rams could actually be much higher in the rankings and the actual standings had they just been able to make a couple of plays against Seattle and Tennessee in previous weeks.

Kevin Seifert, Jamison Hensley and Dan Graziano offered the highest votes for the Rams, checking in with direct hits in placing the Rams at No. 20. Mike Sando came in the lowest of the six-member voting panel, placing the Rams at No. 23.

In looking at the rankings, the No. 20 spot feels about right for the Rams, though one could make a good argument they should fall in line behind Tennessee. The Titans are No. 21 and beat the Rams in St. Louis a little more than a week ago. The rest of the teams behind the Rams -- Miami, Washington, Pittsburgh, the New York Giants, Buffalo, Oakland, Houston, Atlanta, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville -- probably belong where they are.