Chris Long having fun with first touchdown

EARTH CITY, Mo. – For all of his football-playing life, St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long’s experience scoring touchdowns has been limited to video games.

Long never reached the end zone in college at Virginia, in high school at St. Anne’s-Belfield in Charlottesville, Va., or even in pee wee ball. It’s almost hard to believe that a player of Long’s stature never scored at any level.

Not that Long ever thought much of it until last week, when he actually scored on a 45-yard fumble return against Indianapolis. Now, according to his straw poll of teammates, he’s discovered he’s one of the last to put points on the board.

That’s not keeping Long from having plenty of fun with newfound scoring prowess.

"[The ball will] probably go to Canton because I'm evidently the last NFL player to not have scored a touchdown," Long said. "I looked around the locker room and asked guys, 'Has anybody in here not scored a touchdown?' I didn't think I was the only one, and they were all like, 'Yeah, I've scored, I've scored, I've scored."

With his first touchdown in his pocket, Long’s been able to ratchet up his trademark humor. Here’s a sampling of some of the questions and answers Long has been given and offered in the four days. Remember, this is mostly tongue in cheek and all in good fun.

Q: Do you feel different now that you've scored a touchdown?

A: Yeah, it's been a little bit different; people look at me a little differently. Yeah, I'm a different guy.

Q: Do you feel you sent a message to the fantasy-football community that you are someone to consider moving forward?

A: I did. I do everything for fantasy football, so obviously I have been waiting to be a blip on the radar in fantasy football, so whoever drafted me or our defense, I don’t know how it works, I hope they are happy.

Q: You never scored a touchdown in pee wee football even. Did you not play both ways?

A: I was offensive tackle in high school. I was like an Orlando Pace-type guy. Coach didn't want me to get the ball for whatever reason.

Q: Did you have an extra gear you could go to for your run to the end zone?

A: A sixth gear. If Tavon [Austin] has a fifth gear, I have a sixth.

Q: Did you plan out your touchdown celebration?

A: You don't have much time. I probably made it 45 yards in like 1.5 seconds. When I got to the end zone I didn't have time to really rehearse something and I didn't expect to score. Hey, it was just Veterans Day. I thought better that than everybody watching me attempt to dance.

In recent seasons, the Rams have rarely been fortunate enough to get bounces like the one that fell into Long’s hands. But for comedy’s sake, here’s hoping the wait for his second score won’t be as long.