Morning Ram-blings: A Quick update

ST. LOUIS -- Brian Quick is without question one of the most intriguing players on the St. Louis Rams roster.

Quick's combination of size and athleticism make him the one wide receiver on the team who, at a glance, has the potential to be a No. 1 receiver. Of course, any discussion of such a role would be folly at this point in his career given that there have only been small flashes of said talent in his first season and a half plus.

We've previously discussed the expanded role of Quick in the offense as the season has developed but let it not go without mention how valuable he has been to the offense even if it hasn't necessarily been because of big receiving numbers.

Quick is, without question, the team's best blocking wide receiver. For evidence, one need look no further than Tavon Austin's 81 yard catch and run touchdown against Indianapolis.

"He’s doing a lot of things that maybe don’t make the headlines, but are helping us win," quarterback Kellen Clemens said. "You look at the long touchdown that Tavon had, the catch and run. There’s a reason why that entire half of the field was wide open when he turned the corner. It’s because Brian Quick took his man and put him into the Gatorade cooler. He really did. Go back and watch it. It’s awesome. It’s awesome to watch. He’s doing a great job. He’s got a role on this football and he’s doing a great job in that role.”

That role is allowing Quick to stay on the field even as he continues to feel his way through the other aspects of the game. One of the major points of emphasis for Quick has centered on using his 6-foot-3, 220-pound frame to be a physical presence on the field. Much of that emphasis has been focused on Quick battling for contested catches or outmuscling smaller defensive backs for the ball.

While there have been glimpses of that, Quick does seem to be embracing the chance to get down and dirty as a blocker.

“You go back and watch No. 83 you’re going to see a few of them," Clemens said. "He’s a good player. He’s a complete player, obviously still a lot of room for him to continue to develop because he’s got a lot of ability. But, we really like the progress that he’s made and the potential that he’s showing.”

The Rams can only hope that Quick's recent surge as a blocker is a harbinger of things to come when his chances to catch the ball arrive on a more regular basis.

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