Morning Ram-blings: A textbook tackle

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- In Monday's Morning Ram-blings, we discussed the questionable (at best) roughing the passer penalty that went against St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers. We offered Brockers' thoughts on the call and pointed out the continued issues NFL officials have with delineating between what's legal and what's not.

After the game, a few players privately questioned what, exactly, they can get away with when it comes to hitting the quarterback. And in Brockers' case, Chicago's Josh McCown actually still had the ball when Brockers drove through him for an apparent sack.

On Monday afternoon, Rams coach Jeff Fisher gave his perspective on the call after getting the chance to review it on the coaches' film. Like most everyone else who has seen the play, Fisher saw a fundamentally sound move taken straight from the football textbook.

“I think that’s an example of how to hit the quarterback with the ball in his hand, in my opinion," Fisher said. "It should not have been called. It was a great effort and it was unfortunate it took a sack away from ‘Brock.’ Head was off to the side, just probably looked like it was too hard of a hit."

Fisher, who has long been part of the league's competition committee, didn't project much anger when discussing the call though he clearly disagreed. In some sense, Fisher understood the nature of the call.

"And again, in defense of the officiating department, as we said yesterday, they’re going to officiate on the side of player safety," Fisher said. "They’re instructed to do so, with the respect to the quarterback in the pocket and out of the pocket and a defenseless receiver. It’s part of our game.”

Still, don't be surprised if Fisher and those tasked with such things take another, closer look at hits such as Brockers' in the offseason.


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