Morning Ram-blings: NFC Best

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Should the St. Louis Rams find a way to win their final two games against Tampa Bay at home and on the road against Seattle, they will finish 8-8 for the first time since 2006.

A .500 finish would be a positive step forward for the Rams heading into 2014. Of course, any positive traction gained from that record would have to be tempered by the fact that an 8-8 finish would land the Rams squarely in last place in the NFC West division.

That's right, the same division which Seattle won in 2010 with a 7-9 record could theoretically have a last place finisher with eight victories. We already know the Rams will finish last, a development clinched by Arizona's win against Tennessee last week.

It's safe to say the division once derided as the "NFC Worst" can now be called the "NFC Best." Through 14 weeks, the NFC West is 37-19 overall, the best performance of any division in football. That record is even more impressive when you look at the performance of the Rams, Cardinals, 49ers and Seahawks outside of the division. The NFC West is 28-10 in those games with Seattle (9-1) and Arizona (8-2) leading the way.

As Seahawks reporter Terry Blount pointed out Wednesday, the number of division games left means the NFC West can fare no worse than 40-24 (excluding possible ties).

The AFC West is the only division even sniffing what the NFC West has done so far this year with a record of 33-23.

Like with most things in the NFL, divisional upticks are a cyclical thing that fluctuate from year to year. But given the relative youth and talent piling up in all four NFC West cities, it looks like a good bet the NFC West will maintain its position for at least the next few years.


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