Via Twitter: A Rams Christmas list

ST. LOUIS -- For the 10th consecutive year, the St. Louis Rams will not be playing in the postseason. Much to the dismay of their many loyal fans, their dreams of playoff glory are on hold for another year.

On this Christmas, Rams' fans are once again playing wait 'til next year, but they have plenty of things on their list for Santa Snead and his crew in the front office to help them achieve that goal of returning to the postseason.

Earlier this week, I posed the question to fans on Twitter: "What would you like the Rams to get for Christmas?" The options were unlimited. It could be something related to the season finale against Seattle, a free agent signing, a draft pick, really anything within reason that would help their favorite team.

The question got plenty of responses and we'll get to those in a moment. There were also a lot of repeat answers from different people, which shows a couple of things: 1. Rams fans have a good handle on what this team needs to take the next step. 2. The Rams don't have as many glaring needs as they once did.

General manager Les Snead and coach Jeff Fisher have surely begun formulating ideas and thoughts for this offseason. Many of the following requests make plenty of sense to me and I wouldn't be surprised if they matched up with what Snead and Fisher hope to get done in the coming months. Some wanted big picture things like playoff berths, others want specific players in the draft, some focused on positional needs and, as is custom, some just want the team to be more stylish.

Without further ado, here's your 2013 Rams Christmas list, courtesy of some of the passionate fans on Twitter:

That's just a sample of the many requests Rams' fans have for their team moving toward 2014. With that, I'll offer my wish list for today: a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.