NFLN survey/franchise player: Rams

ST. LOUIS -- It should be no surprise that when 320 NFL players were asked to name one player they would choose to start a franchise with that the top four vote-getters were all quarterbacks. Likewise, it was no shock to see Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning atop the list.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck finished second, followed by New England's Tom Brady and Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers. In total, 37 players received votes. There were no St. Louis Rams among the top seven to receive votes. Of the Rams currently on the roster, one could make an argument for defensive end Robert Quinn. It stands to reason if you want to start your team with a quarterback, someone might also want to start a team with a guy best equipped to stop one. So maybe Quinn will one day land on the list. He did garner a couple votes this time around.

When I conducted the survey in the Rams' locker room, I was struck by the quickness with which the players I asked came up with their responses. Some went for the veteran Manning, others for the young gun Luck and others went for the in between with Rodgers.

Given Rodgers' relative youth, I think he's probably the best choice. Luck would be close behind but Rodgers has enough football left in him that he'd still be a good long-term option. Don't get me wrong, Manning is amazing but he's much closer to the end of his career than the beginning.

From the Rams' perspective, they're still in the process of trying to develop players who can one day show up at the top of polls such as this.