Morning Ram-blings: Faulk, Warner speak

ST. LOUIS -- There is no shortage of NFL players and legends available to discuss anything and everything this week at Super Bowl headquarters in New York/New Jersey.

On Tuesday, stltoday.com columnist Bernie Miklasz caught up with two Rams greats that every Rams fan wants to hear from. Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk and likely future Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner answered some questions and provided some opinions on what they see from the current incarnation of the St. Louis Rams.

Perhaps most interesting from that blog is Faulk's wariness about the team's apparent decision to stick with Sam Bradford as the starting quarterback.

“They have a tough decision to make with the second overall (draft) pick,” Faulk told Miklasz. “I've heard them say that Sam Bradford is their future, and that's a tough one. You've got a guy who's been injured, and it's a tough decision to have to make.

“I'm glad I don't have to make it.”

Aside from that, both Warner and Faulk seem to be pleased with where their former franchise is undergoing the rebuilding process under coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead.

For what it's worth, neither Faulk nor Warner has been one to pull punches if they don't like what's going on with the Rams. Faulk, in particular, has voiced concerns with the organization plenty of times in recent years. So for both former Rams to sign off on the development of the team is more than simply supporting the team that afforded them so many opportunities.


A roundup of Wednesday's Rams stories appearing on ESPN.com. ... In the Ram-blings, we began the day with a look at Pro Football Focus' All NFC West team. ... In the final installment of NFL Nation Confidential, we looked at the results of the poll for a quarterback to win a game in the final two minutes from the Rams' perspective. ... From there, we glanced at how the Rams handle trash talking. ... Kevin Greene may be a bit of a long shot for Hall of Fame selection this week but he has a pretty good case for it. ... Then the big news that the Rams were letting go of defensive coordinator Tim Walton and hiring Gregg Williams came followed by my contention that the move makes sense from a football perspective. ... Finally, we capped the day with our No. 1 play that shaped the season, what else but Bradford's season-ending injury?


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