Morning Ram-blings: The Martz influence

ST. LOUIS --And now we take a moment to come up for air and talk a little bit about football.

You remember football, right? The thing that happens when billionaire owners aren't adding expensive tracts of land to their stockpile and teams aren't changing defensive coordinators, that's football.

And there is a pretty big football game set for Sunday when the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks meet in the Super Bowl. By now, we have discussed the Rams' obvious ties to Seattle, but there are some connections to the Denver side of things as well.

Over at stltoday.com, Jim Thomas explored the relationship between former Rams head coach Mike Martz and current Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase. Gase has emerged as a rising star in the business this year, directing the most prolific offense in NFL history and helping the Broncos reach the big stage.

Gase counts Martz as one of his biggest coaching influences after the pair spent time together on Detroit and San Francisco coaching staffs. Much of what the Broncos do offensively in terms of pace, concepts and even risk-taking is clearly reminiscent of Martz's days running offenses. Martz, of course, guided a similarly explosive offense in St. Louis.

Gase told Thomas that Martz is something of a "father figure" for him and has had a huge impact on his coaching career. People can say what they want about Martz the head coach, but there is no denying his knowledge and ability to lead an offense. It clearly rubbed off on Gase.

There are plenty who question Gase's effect on the Broncos' offense, choosing instead to credit Peyton Manning, but Manning himself is quick to give credit to Gase and has called him one of the best coaches he's ever played for. At 35, Gase is just scratching the surface of his coaching career.

A Denver win in Sunday's Super Bowl surely won't erase any memories Martz had of losing in his last Super Bowl trip as a head coach, but he can at least take pride in the work done by his star pupil.


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