Answering top offseason question: Rams

ST. LOUIS -- Earlier this morning on ESPN Insider, they rolled out the top 50 offseason questions, including at least one related to each team.

There are plenty of questions people want answered about the Rams this offseason such as: How will they fix the offensive line? Will they get another top receiver? Will they stay in St. Louis? Can they catch up to the rest of the league's hardest division? But at the end of the day, there's one thing that always seems to rise above the rest when it comes to building a team: the quarterback.

So it was that the Rams' top offseason question asked our Ron Jaworski, quarterback expert extraordinaire, whether Sam Bradford is the long-term answer at quarterback in St. Louis.

I won't give away the farm on Jaworski's response but let's just say that Jaworski believes the 2014 season is a critical one for Bradford.

My take: Given the conversations I've had and what the Rams are saying publicly, there's no reason to think anyone but Bradford is the long term guy in the team's eyes. As we've written here multiple times, the Rams are committed to Bradford as their starter so, unless they are pulling the biggest smokescreen of all time, don't expect the team to take a quarterback in the first round of this year's draft.

However, the Rams are likely to draft a quarterback, perhaps as early as the second or third round. That's still relatively lofty territory and if the team does that, it's not out of the question that player could eventually be the long term starter while providing a better backup option in the meantime.

For Bradford, he's made it pretty clear he's willing to bet on himself and attempt to put up a big season before he would want to do a contract extension. First and foremost, he needs to stay healthy for another full season and in doing so, needs to rise to the level of performance many have expected of him since his Offensive Rookie of the Year award in 2010.

I'm not sure this is the top offseason question for the team right now because it seems to have already answered it but it certainly will be one of the most important when the actual 2014 season rolls around.