Morning Ram-blings: An L.A. Q & A

ST. LOUIS -- The news that St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke recently purchased 60 acres of land in the Los Angeles area brought with it plenty of questions but very little in the way of answers.

This week, Los Angeles Times NFL writer Sam Farmer did his best to provide something resembling factual answers as it pertains to what the purchase means in both the short and long term.

Like everybody else, Farmer offers no definitive answer on Kroenke's grand plan for the Rams. That is fair, since it seems nobody but Kroenke himself is even capable of answering that question.

Among the ground covered here, though, Farmer makes an interesting point about the fact that Kroenke informed the NFL of his purchase as confirmed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell last week.

Here is what Farmer writes in response to the question "What's notable about this land purchase?"

"The NFL was thoroughly apprised of it," Farmer writes. "An owner doesn't have to tell the NFL if, say, he's buying a house in L.A., or even land for a business. But if he has a stadium in mind, he's got to keep the league informed. That's what the Rams owner did when he made the purchase through the Kroenke Organization."

Of course, Farmer's question and answer session wasn't the only new reaction to Kroenke's purchase. Other reports surfaced indicating Kroenke might be targeting that land to add another Major League Soccer franchise in Los Angeles.

Either way, as we already know, this is only the beginning of the latest round of speculation on this topic, and there is plenty more to come as we move along.


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