Rams chat rewind

ST. LOUIS -- There was no shortage of interest in Friday's St. Louis Rams chat, as you all asked about a little bit of everything.

Here is a rundown of some of the topics we covered in the nearly two hours we spent talking it over:

  • The value of the No. 2 pick

  • The recent purchase of 60 acres in Los Angeles by Rams owner Stan Kroenke, and all it could entail

  • The addition of Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator

  • How the Rams can go about rebuilding the offensive line

  • The contract ramifications of releasing cornerback Cortland Finnegan

  • The future of quarterback Sam Bradford

  • The need to upgrade certain defensive spots based on Williams' addition.

Thanks to all for joining us, and we'll have plenty more every Friday at 1 p.m. ET. For now, here's a complete transcript of Friday's chat.