Morning Ram-blings: On Michael Sam

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The biggest story of Sunday night into Monday was the announcement from Missouri defensive end Michael Sam that he is gay.

In the past 36 or so hours, much has been written and said about what Sam's NFL future holds but there have also been plenty of outstanding opinions and columns written about how Sam's revelation will and should be accepted.

So I wanted to start today's Ram-blings with a roundup of some of that coverage right here on ESPN.com just in case you didn't already see it.

Senior college football writer Ivan Maisel took a great look at the way the Missouri football team handled Sam's announcement which did anything but divide the locker room.

LZ Granderson points out that Sam won't be the first or last gay player to be a part of an NFL team. ESPNW columnist Kate Fagan discusses the central role Sam will play in changing perceptions and the support he might receive on a commercial level.

Kevin Seifert offered two takes, one on how Sam will be received in a locker room and one on how the timing of Sam's announcement doesn't make much difference on his draft status so long as he can produce for an NFL team.

Dan Graziano writes that he hopes the generally positive reaction to Sam's announcement is as commendable as Sam's decision to take action.

That's just a sampling of some of the fine work done here at ESPN.com. There is plenty more excellent stuff to be found out there in cyberspace.


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Plenty of coverage locally of Sam, including some thoughts from columnist Bernie Miklasz at stltoday.com.

Fellow columnist Bryan Burwell posits that Sam's secret wasn't much of a secret around these parts.

At 101sports.com, Anthony Stalter offers his take on what Gregg Williams brings to the Rams defense as coordinator.

Turf Show Times lays out the case for why the offensive line is the Rams' greatest need this offseason. While I advocate adding a top receiver, I completely agree with the idea that the offensive line is the area of the team most in need of help.