Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon discusses Rams

Speculation and innuendo figure to be staples on the landscape of the St. Louis Rams' stadium situation until some sort of resolution is reached.

Along the way, it's best for all parties, especially outside observers, to let things unfold with the knowledge that said resolution probably won't be happening anytime soon.

As with most negotiations of this type, things don't seem to come to fruition until tighter deadlines are apparent. Likewise, don't expect the Rams or many of the principals involved to do much, if any, negotiating publicly.

Alas, there was one public discussion in the past couple of days as Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon spoke to the FOX affiliate in St. Louis about potential progress with the Rams.

Nixon has made it clear he'd like to be a part of the team that helps the sides reach a resolution to keep the team in St. Louis and discussed some of the moving parts in the interview.

Here's a snippet of what Nixon, who also preached patience on the matter, had to say:

"We're not going to ever be able to afford a Taj Mahal like Jerry Jones built [in Dallas]," Nixon said. "My sense is the NFL is committed to our market and we'll be able to work ourselves into a solution that manages tax payers' dollars well while still keeping us as an NFL city."

My main takeaway from this video and the accompanying written story isn't much. His advice of being patient and waiting for things to play out is probably the best advice there is on this whole situation, but it's also something you've all heard before.