Morning Ram-blings: Drafting for coaches

Over at stltoday.com, columnist Bernie Miklasz has been pretty consistent in pointing out the reasons that a team should consider drafting players at the top of the draft that can be utilized by the best position coaches on the team.

On Friday, Miklasz again laid out the reasons he believes the St. Louis Rams would be best served to draft a position of need which also happens to coincide with the team's best position coach. In this case, the idea is the Rams would spend their first pick -- whether at No. 2 or in a trade down -- on an offensive lineman because Paul Boudreau has a track record of making the most of his talent.

The flip side of that conversation has been what so far has been the lack of development of the team's wide receivers. A popular debate amongst Rams fans and media is whether the team should look at a tackle like Texas A&M's Jake Matthews or Auburn's Greg Robinson or a receiver such as Clemson's Sammy Watkins.

In reality, the Rams probably can't go wrong with any of those players. They all project to be outstanding at the NFL level though nothing is guaranteed. The point of Miklasz's blog is that taking an offensive lineman because of Boudreau's presence narrows the margin for error that another top pick won't become a franchise cornerstone.

Beyond that, the point is there to be made that the Rams have yet to develop their many young wide receivers so far (and really, it's unfair to render judgment on all of that group yet, either) and receivers have never been a primary part of a coach Jeff Fisher team.

Again, I understand the general point of these arguments. I don't think the Rams could go wrong with Robinson or Matthews or even defensive end Jadeveon Clowney because of the presence of outstanding defensive line coach Mike Waufle. But allow me to play devil's advocate for a second.

If we assume Boudreau is adept at elevating talent then wouldn't it stand to reason that the Rams could give him a player maybe a slight notch below the top two tackles and he could make that player a top producer? Meanwhile, drafting a receiver who is about as ready for primetime as possible would theoretically lessen the need for that player to be "coached up."

To add to that point as it pertains to Watkins, I found this piece breaking down Watkins from SB Nation's Stephen White (himself a former NFL player) enlightening.

Regardless, I don't think the Rams are sitting around the offices at Rams Park thinking that one coach isn't as good as another or that they should draft a player based on outside perceptions of the staff. When all is said and done, the Rams are going to draft the player they feel is best for their team.


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