Morning Ram-blings: Breathing exercises

On Sunday afternoons, colleague Mike Reiss, ESPN's outstanding New England Patriots reporter, likes to take a spin around the NFL and New England. In this week's edition, he touched on an interesting topic involving the St. Louis Rams.

Here's an excerpt from that Rams mention:

"I’m always fascinated with the various aspects of building a team and one line of thinking is that sometimes the addition of a veteran player can get in the way of the development of a youngster. This is something the Rams have had in mind this offseason, and it explains, in part, their less-than-proactive approach in signing unrestricted free agents. They want to see what they truly have in their younger players, with third-year cornerback Trumaine Johnson one prime example of a prospect they want to “let breathe” a bit."

This concept is clearly a big part of the Rams' thinking this offseason. Johnson is a good example of a player the Rams believe will make important strides in his third year. Fellow cornerback Janoris Jenkins is too.

The concern is whether the Rams have faith in allowing too many of their young players "to breathe" without having a veteran taking repetitions away. There's nothing wrong with having a system in place and believing in your ability to develop players but chances are some of those players won't pan out. Nobody bats 1.000 in this league.

Getting more to the point, however, it's worth noting that Johnson is a corner and the secondary is an area the Rams figure to be extremely young in 2014. I'll have more this week on why the Rams haven't added to the defensive backfield and how finding more help there is still a priority.


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