Rams' salary-cap update

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- As pre-draft visits and private workouts have ramped up in anticipation of the 2014 NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams appear to be done spending money on free agents -- at least for now.

With that in mind, now is a good time to take a look at the team's salary cap situation. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Rams have $5,557,116 in salary cap space as of Monday evening. That includes the recently-added one-year contract for wide receiver Kenny Britt and the team's other free-agent additions. It also should be noted that the current cap number only includes the top 51 salaries on the roster, which is all that has to count at this time of year.

The total does not, however, include a pending $3 million salary-cap credit the team will receive for the loss of cornerback Cortland Finnegan. Finnegan's deal with the Miami Dolphins was enough to provide the Rams the full $3 million offset they had written into his contract upon his release.

As it stands, the top 51 players plus dead money account for $126,266,413, which is the $5.5 million-plus underneath the team's adjusted salary cap number of $131,823,529 for 2014.

In relation to other teams around the league, the Rams have more cap space than 12 other teams. If you include the credit for Finnegan's offset, the Rams would sit squarely in the middle of the league in terms of available cap space, at No. 16.

The Rams will have to sign what could be an expensive draft class with 12 picks, two of which come in the first round and that will eat up a good chunk of their cap space. But there will likely be enough left over to add another veteran or two should they choose to make another move after the draft.