An early look at Rams' predicted win total

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Now that the NFL draft is done and most of the offseason roster reconfiguring is done, the Las Vegas Hilton has released its projected 2014 win totals for every team in the league.

Of course, trying to peg how teams are going to fare without seeing any free-agent or draft additions on the field is nearly an impossible task but that doesn't mean it's not worth taking a look.

As one would suspect, the projected over/under for the Rams is right where you'd think after consecutive seven-win seasons under coach Jeff Fisher. The early number from Vegas is 7.5.

Seeing as how the Rams have not won eight games or more since 2006 and have been unable to reach .500 under Fisher, it's fair to wonder if they can surpass that number. Beyond that, the Rams have one of the league's most difficult projected schedules heading into the season. Although preseason strength of schedule rarely matches up with the actual strength of schedule, there are a number of teams that figure to be a safe bet to win their share of games.

Just using the NFC West division as an example, Seattle is projected to win 11 games, while San Francisco and Arizona are estimated to win 10.5 and 7.5, respectively.

The Rams made some savvy moves in the offseason and their draft looks great on paper. But it's understandable for Vegas and anyone else, for that matter, to remain skeptical that they can take the next step until proven otherwise.